Landmark Forum teaches you to make others happy

What is life without its problems? It would be as bland as tea without sugar. You need problems in life to bring in the spice factor. However, you should have the knack of solving the problems as well at the same time. That is the sign of fulfillment. Landmark Forum teaches all its participants the bitter truth of life. That is life has its share of problems. It depends on how you approach them. A session or two at the Forum courses can bring about a dramatic change in your approach. Let us see some small anecdotes that can drive home this fact.

The great Bill Gates had once remarked that he used to entrust the toughest jobs to the laziest people in his companies. He reasoned that the laziest people would find the easiest solutions to the problems. If this is true of an entrepreneur as successful as Bill gates is, then the logic should be true.

We shall look at another example where adopting a different way of solving the issue can help in resolving the toughest of issues.

There was a party going on in a hotel. There were more than 50 guests at that time. A motivational speaker was delivering a lecture on this aspect. He asked his assistant to count the number of people in the room and sent him to purchase one balloon for each guest.

On receiving the balloons, he asked each of the guests to write their names on it. He asked his assistant to collect the balloons and keep them in an adjoining room. He then asked the guests to go into that room together and search and bring their own balloon back to the main hall. He gave them only one minute to do so.

This resulted in a frenzy of activity. Within no time, the one minute passed away with not a single person being able to retrieve his or her balloon. They were naturally disappointed. The speaker then gave them another task. He asked them to go into the same room, pick up a balloon at random, call out the name of the person and hand it over to him or her. The time limit was again one minute.

It could surprise you that each person came back with his or her balloon within half a minute. How did this happen? They had been given the same problem some time ago but all of the failed to do it. How were they successful now?

This is the lesson you gain from this story. Every person in the world is searching for his or her happiness. The best way to be happy is to make others happy. You will automatically become happy. This also drives home the fact that adopting innovative ways of solving problems will definitely bring good results.

The Landmark Forum is all about sharing such beautiful experiences. Many people have the belief that the Forum courses are drab affairs without any charm. It is only when they attend them that they know its worth.


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